Learning and Performance

Customized Learning Programs to Meet Your Needs

Jordack Consultants partners with our clients to improve the on-the-job performance of their employees. Our firm uses scientific and creative expertise in building experiential learning experiences to help you organization capitalize on your talent to achieve your corporate business goals. When client’s want real behavior change that improves employee performance they come to our experts in learning design at Jordack Consultants.

Learning and Performance Capabilities

Courseware Developed ForCustom Course DevelopmentDigital Learning Technologies

Learning Effectiveness & Evaluation

Learning Data & Analytics

Learning Consultant Roles

  • Customer Service
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training
  • Product Training
  • Regulatory Compliance Training
  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Business Skills Training
  • And much more ….
  • Learning Needs Assessments (LNA)
  • Learning Design Planning (LDP)
  • Design and Development:
    • Blended Learning
    • Multimedia/Video Learning
    • E-Learning
    • M-Learning
    • Instructor-Led Learning (ILT)
    • Remote Classroom Learning (vILT)
    • Social and Informal Learning
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Micro Learning
    • Gaming and Simulations
    • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems for Curation
  • Performance Support Systems
  • Social Learning Technologies
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence for Learning
  • SharePoint - Configuration & Administration
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • LearnBots for Learning Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Survey Design, Development and Analysis
  • Assessment Tool Selection
  • Knowledge Assessment Design, Deployment and Results Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Score Carding Performance and ROI Measurement
  • Designing and Implementing the Kirkpatrick Measurement Model
  • Measured Organizational Learning Performance using TDRp Model
  • Comprehensive Data-Driven Analysis of Business and Performance
    Analysis between Current and Future State
  • Identification of Root Causes for Low Performance in Learning
  • Performance Analytics to Uncover Insights and Hidden Value to Help Define New, Targeted Learning Interventions
  • Learning Project Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Digital Course Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Technical Writers
  • Video & Editing Specialists
  • Global Translation
  • Test Designers
  • Learning Technology Experts
  • Change Managers

The Connection Between Learning and Performance

At Jordack, we understand that not all learning leads to performance improvement. That’s why we design all courses in such a way that learning is aligned with the organization’s goals. Not only do we teach your employees the skills required to use your software, but we ensure that the course material is relevant to each role’s organizational level and coordinated with specific performance goals.

Multiple Training Methods

Jordack Consultants helps our clients maximize employee training and adoption through the design of customized training programs. Various training materials and methods are offered to meet the diverse ways in which your employees learn. The ultimate goal is to engage your staff with timely, relevant content so they retain the information and effectively use the new business software system. 

  • Training Design Plan (TDP)

    Comprehensive design plan for your training

  • Trainer Guides

    Instructor lesson plans for classroom training

  • Online Training

    Interactive, online simulations for system training

  • Reference Manuals

    Comprehensive end-user manuals

  • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

    Two-sided page guides covering essential process and system functions

  • Training Videos

    Videos for online training of processes and system functions

  • Knowledge Checks

    Embedded quizzes to verify end users’ knowledge of processes and system functions

Flexible Delivery of Training

We understand that every organization has different levels of delivery requirements and capabilities. This is why Jordack’s flexible delivery approach includes various options for upskilling employees and helping them learn your new system’s processes and applications.

  • Instructor-Led Classroom Delivery

    Provides hands-on training in a traditional classroom setting

  • Train-the-Trainer

    Prepares the client team to deliver the classroom training

  • Online Training

    Includes e-Learning, mobile learning and video training

  • Online Instructor-Led Training

    Delivers live instructor-led training via the Internet

  • Walk-Through Training

    Delivers training by walk-throughs of the manufacturing facility

  • Presentations

    Offers large group presentations conducted live or online

Post Go-Live Support

  • Updating Instructor-Led Classroom Courseware

    Development of advance-topic courses

  • Updating Digital Online Training Courses

    Creation of advance-topic online courses

  • Evaluation of Training Program Effectiveness

    Framework to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) of training and outcomes

  • End-User Analytics and Reporting Services

    Capture and analyze data on training, compliance and ROI

Driven by research-based science.

Our approach to learning design is deeply rooted in the sciences of instructional design and performance improvement. Our expertise ensures optimal employee under-standing and application, and allows us tocreate learning experiences that are appealing,more engaging and improve performance outcomes for unique audiences.

Recognized leaders in the Learning Industry.

Jordack Consultants is a nationally recognized leader in learning and performance. We use both established and new technologies to create multiple learning modalities including,ILT, e-learning, video learning, VR, AR and more.Our firm focuses on innovation and producing performance results that drive your business.

Guided by process.

Jordack Consultants utilizes a robust instructional design methodology, along with both project management and change management processes to ensure efficient use of resources, on time deliverable completion and within budget. Our processes are structured to ensure success, but flexible enough to adapt to our client’s requirements.

Software Training Experts for Your Projects

Jordack Consultants provides you with a few enterprise training experts to supplement your team, or an entire team to develop and deliver all your enterprise system software training as you require.