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Human Resources (HR) Software Systems Training

HR Systems Training Solutions for End Users

Jordack develops effective training programs for users of Human Resources (HR) systems that reflect their way of working, while incorporating the individual business processes and workflows for each role group. In fact, we are experts in enterprise HR systems training.

Because we know how the system works and we understand how to train end users, Jordack’s consultants are your best option. With our relevant expertise, a mixture of tools and methods, and deep knowledge and experience, we help your workforce adopt the new software and any changing business processes quickly and effectively.

Why Do You Need Professional HR System Training?

Whether you are implementing or upgrading a Human Resources (HR) system such as Workday HCM, taking this step significantly affects your organization. Good HR software systems are expensive, and the only way to fully recoup your investment is to make sure your employees are comfortable using the application in the most effective way. Jordack Consultants develops training solutions that ensure that your team not only knows how to use the software, but also uses it easily and confidently.

Do you need a comprehensive training program, or are you looking to fill in skill gaps? Jordack Consultants provides unique solutions to suit your specific needs, no matter how extensive or limited.

Expertise in an Array of Software Systems

Jordack has developed training solutions for our clients’ employees for many HR systems, including:

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Flexible, Customized and Cost-Effective Training Solutions

Jordack offers an array of training services that support the entire lifecycle of the end-user training phase, ensuring that your project team focuses on the core project at a crucial stage.

Our HR systems training solutions include:

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Training Strategy
  • Training Design Plan (TDP)
  • Training Operational Plan (TOP)
  • Customized training deliverables, including:
    • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) facilitator and participant guides
    • Reference manuals
    • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)
    • Virtual classroom training
    • Multiple e-Learning options
  • Assistance with Go-Live Support
  • Translation and Localization services for multi-country rollouts