Custom Course Development

Maximizing Your Employees’ Training and Adoption

Our learning is highly engaging, but always focused on the objective of driving your business goals. We work with any content, in any development tool, to meet your specific learning needs.


Different Learning Styles Require Different Courses

Jordack Consultants designs customized learning courseware to meet the various needs of your employees’ diverse learning styles. We offer an array of learning modalities that engage end users with timely, relevant content that helps them retain the information and effectively apply the new learning to their jobs.

Multiple Training Methods

Jordack Consultants maximizes our clients’ employee training and adoption through various training methods:

  • Online Learning

    Interactive, online simulations for e-Learning and m-Learning

  • Classroom Guides

    Instructor and facilitator guides for classroom learning

  • AR / VR Learning

    Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for experiential learning

  • Reference Manuals

    Comprehensive end-user manuals

  • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

    Two-side page guides covering essential tips and techniques

  • Training Videos

    Videos for online learning

  • Knowledge Checks

    Embedded quizzes to verify employees’ knowledge of content

The Jordack Process

When you work with Jordack Consultants, you can get an entire team of learning and performance experts — working just for you, on-site or virtually — determined to see you succeed. We designed a process called the Learning and Performance Accelerator that takes you from analysis through design and development to the launch of your learning asset.

Analyze Needs

  • Define needs
  • Recommend an approach
  • Define scope

Design the Plan

  • Map performance
  • Outline the sequence
  • Design the learning plan

Create Content Solution

  • Gather content
  • Organize content
  • Analyze content

Develop the Asset

  • Develop learning asset
  • Perform course reviews
  • Execute agile iterations

Elevate Performance

  • Run a pilot test and report results
  • Modify based on test results
  • Launch the learning asset

Customized Course Development Solutions

We offer a range of Learning and Performance services to support the entire lifecycle of the end-user learning course design and development phase, ensuring that your project team focuses on the core project at a crucial stage. Every project is different and so our approach is unique to you. We can provide either a fully-managed training solution or one that fills in your internal team’s skills gap.

Our course development solutions include:

  • Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)
  • Visioning and Scoping: Creating a Learning Design Plan (LDP)
  • Learning Operational Plan (LOP)
  • Development of customized blended training deliverables, including:
    • e-Learning
    • Video learning
    • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
    • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)
    • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)
    • Blended learning
  • Post-learning performance evaluation

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