Digital Learning Technologies

Creating an Omnipresent Learning Experience

Take Advantage of Our Deep Expertise and Insight

Digital learning technologies advance a company’s ability to train and engage its workforce in ways that improve employees’ job performance. Jordack’s consultants have the expertise and insight to use these technologies to improve corporate engagement and learning, and thus drive positive business results.

Benefits of Using Digital Learning Technologies

Singular learning instances are outdated. Today’s learners seek a journey from concept to practice that includes accessible, bite-sized and contextualized experiences in varying formats. Digital learning delivers on that promise by integrating across all learning areas and domains and offering a learning expedition that’s scalable, accessible and malleable.

Digital learning is ideal for workers who use connected devices in their daily lives and expect a similar, high level of sophistication at work. The strength of digital learning lies in using technology and combining innovative strategies to create an omnipresent learning experience, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction and job performance.

Effective digital learning solutions enable you to stay connected with your learning populations while reducing the costs associated with traditional methods. Along with transforming the learning experience and making learning available at the time of need, digital learning captures data that can be analyzed before making critical business decisions.


Digital Learning Systems

Jordack Consultants provides our clients with our insight and offers advice regarding digital learning technologies for the following system types:

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems for Curation
  • Performance Support Systems
  • Social Learning Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Learning
  • SharePoint Configuration and Administration
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • LearnBots for Learning Systems
  • Machine Learning

Let Jordack’s Digital Learning Technologies consultants guide you into a new generation of tools and technologies designed to enhance your organization’s capabilities.