Learning Effectiveness and Evaluation

Determining the Impact of Your Learning Programs

Make Decisions That Improve Your Business Results

Learning effectiveness and evaluation are the practices and technologies used to determine the impact of your learning programs. They ensure that your organization’s talent development professionals are gathering useful information about learning programs for accurate diagnosis and improvement, with the longer-term goal of providing insights and making data-driven decisions that improve business results.

Our Learning Effectiveness and Evaluation Process

Jordack helps organizations identify important metrics to measure and track as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), create evaluation frameworks, and measure, collect and analyze the right data. After that, we provide critical insights and recommendations. Through a blend of technologies and services, we measure, diagnose and optimize your learning experiences to demonstrate their value and results to your stakeholders. By synthesizing the data into visual dashboards, we align learning programs to your strategic goals.

At Jordack Consultants, we improve our clients’ learning programs by helping to develop goals and outcomes, creating a strategy to collect the right information and data, and capturing and synthesizing the information and data into insights and recommendations.

Additional services include:

  • Assessments and needs analyses
  • Surveys and interviewing services and systems
  • Analyses and dashboards for tracking, visualization and reporting
  • Measurement maps and alignment of business outcomes
  • Impact studies

Our Framework for Measuring Performance

Here are the questions that we have found to be most effective in measuring learning program performance:

Measure Engagement

  • Are employees using the learning solutions available to them?

Measure Experience

  • Are offerings engaging and satisfying?
  • Are the programs of high quality with respect to faculty, setting, interfaces, content and technology?

Measure Impact

  • Are we building relevant capabilities to advance the organization’s mission and goals?
  • Are other outcomes improving?

Measure Coverage

  • Do we provide necessary coverage for each role and development path?
  • Do we provide learning experiences that allow learners to understand the bigger picture?

Measure Cost

  • Are our costs efficient?
  • Are we efficient from an opportunity cost perspective?