Our Process

How Jordack Does What We Do

Maximizing the Value of Your Projects

Because Jordack Consultants has successfully completed Learning and Performance as well as Enterprise Systems Training projects for more than 90 diverse clients, we have developed a system of principles, practices and procedures for working with clients that has withstood the test of time.

We start by listening to you. We don’t push a predefined methodology to sell you; rather, we attempt to truly understand your training challenges. We invest time in getting to know your organization’s culture, style, language and operations so that we take the right approach and select the right consultant(s) for your engagement(s). And our involvement doesn’t stop there — we stay with you every step of the way to ensure a successful result!


10 Steps to a Successful Project

Step 1: Understand the Business Problem
A Jordack Consultants Partner works closely with each client to determine exactly what the learning organization is trying to accomplish, establish success metrics based on performance and, in consultation with our Learning and Performance experts, evaluate the best way to get there.

Step 2: Define the Engagement
Our Partner and our team work with the client to develop an Engagement Definition document that outlines a design and development approach to the training engagement, the expected high-level schedule, the desired consultant’s expertise and experience, key deliverables, the estimated project budget for our consultant(s) and the quantifiable value to the client's business.

Step 3: Identify Potential Consultants
Based on the project Engagement Definition and analysis, Jordack’s Consultant Service Manager begins the search within our 1,000+ consultant group and network to identify the most qualified consultant(s) —  those with the matching expertise, skills and experience to make your training project a success.

Step 4: Consultant Selection
Once our client selects the potential consultant(s) for its project(s) from the information we have provided, we then make available the consultants’ work portfolios and organize interviews between the client’s team and our consultant(s). Our consultants have been thoroughly vetted; we have confirmed each consultant’s work experiences, educational background, certifications and business references. Our client may engage the consultant(s) in numerous discussions prior to the final selection of the consultant(s) it wants for its project(s). The result is that, after due consideration, the client chooses the individual consultant or an entire team of Jordack consultants with whom it wants to work.

Step 5: Client and Engagement Team Meeting
After the client selects the consultant(s) for its project(s), Jordack and the client agree upon the terms of the professional services contract and the fees, and completes the necessary paperwork. A joint meeting is held with the client’s team and with the Jordack consultant(s) and Partner. A high-level walk-through of the project is discussed, and details are further integrated into the training project planning.

Step 6: Agreement on Approach
The Agreement on Approach is a critical step in the overall engagement process. The client and consultant(s) must agree on the training design and development approach, use of subject-matter experts (SMEs), the high-level project schedule, development tools and any potential issues or concerns that may affect the outcome of the project.

Step 7: Onboarding Process
This step is the beginning of the actual project work for the Jordack consultant(s). Our consultant(s) work with the client team to obtain the client’s processes, methodologies and standard guidelines, meet key project resources and launch the project.

Step 8: Execute and Manage the Engagement
Throughout the engagement, the Jordack Engagement Partner works with the client to track the progress of the overall project, major milestones and deliverables and to support the client. Jordack also helps resolve any consultant issues or concerns as well as specific project-related issues that may arise, including redefining the project scope and negotiating project extensions.

Step 9: Submit Final Deliverables and Transfer Knowledge
As the project assignment ends, the Jordack Engagement Partner works with the client to ensure that agreed-upon deliverables have been received and to make any additional findings and recommendations available to the client as needed. Jordack Consultants also helps transfer knowledge to the client's in-house team to institutionalize the value created by the project.

Step 10: Client & Consultant Satisfaction Survey
As the final step in our 10-step process, our clients complete a Satisfaction Survey. We also ask the Jordack consultant(s) to complete a survey as well. This provides important information to our firm and helps us (1) gain a deeper understanding of the client’s satisfaction with our consultant’s work, (2) measure the quality of our consultant(s) and deliverables, and (3) make improvements to our processes and consultant(s) as required.